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Day 2 Day Realtime

Bench Press'n in the Cube

Day 25/30 (Embedded Video)

I've recently discovered that it is possible to bench press while at work! This realization brought to you by the Standing@Work experiment. I was amazed when I went to a crossfit workout at Harbor City Crossfit and found myself doing the exact same set up for the bench press as I do to stand at my work station. To quickly review the set up for Standing@Work is as follows (also see the post: Cure to Lower Back Pain)

  • Pull ribcage down (mid-line stability)
  • Activate the glutes
  • Savasana (externally rotate arms, palms facing away, re-bend at elbows)

These three steps bring you into proper alignment for a long and healthy working session. Now to review how to set up for a bench press.

  • Pull ribcage down
  • Savasana (externally rotate arms, palms facing away)
  • Re-bend at elbows grabbing bar
  • Activate Glutes

The similarity between the two set ups is clear! Think about it, in both situations you need the correct form to excel. One is much longer duration (cubicle work) the other is much higher load (bench) but both benefit from proper technique and conscious effort to get into the perfect anatomical position.

Next time your at your desk and you want to take your mind off the work, set yourself up for a bench press and you may just find yourself pounding out the reps or breazing through your work day.




The Spine = 1 Joint

Day 24/30 (Embedded Video)

Another tip from KStar and his mobilityWOD team (note: our recent contributor Roop Sihota can be seen in this mobilityWOD). Here is the jist of the video. 

To avoid injury and encourage proper movement the spine should be considered 1 joint. The only extension and flexion that is performed should be done either at the hip or shoulders. Set up your position (3 steps to standing), maintain your position and the spin is now one joint. - Cubesapien Summary

Simply standing doesn't require the output of moving underload (power/olympic lifting or gymnastics) but standing form should get just as much attention. If you're going to spend 8+hrs in any position, your attention should be used to make sure it's a healthy and safe posture to be in. Anything that violates the one joint rule, creating flexion or extension in the spine WILL cause commonly seen standing aches and pains. You have the ability to avoid those, just pay attention!


Getting my Zzzzz

Day 23/30

This week I've had a severe sleep debt build up. For those of you with jobs and your own insurance you may be aware that the "Open Season" for selecting health insurance companies is either closing or has recently closed. Well, mine was on monday of this week or Standing@Work Day 18/30. I didn't sleep very much since I as devoting my efforts to understanding the various benefits and down falls of 3 different insurance plans. 

This sleep deficate has been zapping my productivity at work. Thankfully the Standin@Work experiment has allowed me to keep alert and active even during my most tired moments. Last night I pulled out all the stops to pay off some of that sleep debt. I cut out my crossfit work out, cut out dinner, cut out seeing my girlfriend. We're talking serious sacrifices. I'm glad I did, as I feel FANTASTIC today! I'm attentive, focused, and clear headed. 

This experience just goes to show, Standing@Work can do a lot to increase productivity. But getting a full nights sleep may be even better.


MobilityWOD Sounds In

Day 22/30 (Roop Sihota Pictured)

Recap: I've been experiencing a strange stabbing pain recently, localized to an acute area on my foot. Please see Shooting Pain for the details and to see what some members of the community have said about it.

As a HUGE fan of the MobilityWOD, I immediately thought of them when I experienced the shooting pain in my foot. On a whim, I thought to send them an email with a link to cubesapien thinking, {Well maybe KStar will look at my blog}. Cubesapien is still very new and I didn't expect to get their eyes on this site but never the less I went for it on the off chance they would swing by. This is the exchange:

Long time supple leopard


I've been experiencing a pain in my foot since yesterday. I got some input from Brian Mackenzie suggested it might be the navicular joint/bone. I've details on my office productivity/mobility blog . Any comments or suggestions would be very helpful.

To my utter glee, I received a response from the MobilityWOD not an hour later! Not from KStar :( but from one of Crossfit San Francisco's trainers and a "MobilityWOD savant", Roop Sihota. You can tell Roop is amazing right off the bat via his email. First, he wrote 3 paragraphs of mobilizing greatness. Secondly, it was ALL banged out on an iphone. Here are some highlights:

Thank you very much for your email to the MobilityWod Project.


An interesting point you make here is that you don't experience the pain when you maintain correct positions. Whether its your navicular bone or the joints in the area that are driving the pain can be helpful or not. It is hard for me to say based on just the information provided. However what we can work I is maintaining more ideal positions.

...when standing or long periods of time or even standing short periods you have to pay attention to position. Is your butt squeezed to externally rotate your hips [yes], is your midline squeezed to prevent arching in back [double yes] (the classic positions we talk about on the MobilityWod)? If you stand for long periods, you have to think about maybe doing a few squats every 15-20 mins just to help circulation from legs. The key here is maintaining ideal positions, and then things in the foot will settle down.

Another great exercise to improve position is to stand with your feet together pointed forward, bend down to place your hands on ground and while doing so push your knees away from each other to make movement more ideal.

Pretty awesome stuff, not only confirmation on the techniques I've been implementing (consistency is always something to be working on) but also mobilizing suggestions and techniques that I'll be implementing right now, like today!



How to Add 6.5yrs to Your Life

Day 21/30 (Embedded Video)

Fact Average adult in the USA spends 5hrs a day watching TV

Lennert Veerman, a researcher in the country down under, tried to quantify the effects of prolonged sitting. His study showed that persons sitting (watching TV) at home outside of work will cut their lives short by 5 YEARS on the average, relative to a person not sitting(nor watching TV) at home outside of work.

5 years is a hellofa long time to squander just by sitting. Now if we extrapolate that single data point backwards, it would indicated that a person not sitting at work for would literally EXTEND their life by 6 and 1/2 years! THIS IS RIDICULOUS, by these numbers we should be sleeping standing up! [excessive sarcasm] It is important to note that this study showed the effects of not sitting, not to be confused by standing. It is safe to say by the context of this video and study presented that those not sitting would have been vertical moving around in various activities.

 Of course, the relationship between sitting and not sitting cannot be described as a linear one. Surely, as you reach some point of not sitting time vs. sitting time you would start to see a leveling off and then a negative impact on longevity. So in my expert opinion expect the Non Sitting Time vs Sitting Time longevity study would look like a hyperbola.

The important thing to take away is not the calculated time you'll add to you're life but knowing that sitting is significantly adversely effecting longevity.

The less you sit the longer you live.