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Smart Guy, Robb Wolf

Day 17/30 (embedded audio)

One of the myriad of sources I learn from is Robb Wolf. I listen and digest his information because he's a pretty smart and motivated guy. Robb started out as a biochemist looking at the bodies various chemical reactions and chemical modes. He has been a strength & conditioning coach, co-owning NorCal Strength & Conditioning gym. He was a competitive power lifting athlete with considerable capacity for moving heavy things. Most recently he has become a New York Times Best Selling author, for a book having to do with diet and the chemical processes of eating. So needless to say Robb is a guy that has earned my attention. 

In his most recent episode of his podcast, "The Paleo Solution Podcast #109" Robb mentions the problems with prolonged sitting. Tune the player to 18:00 for the specific section in question. These are his observations.


  • Sitting has really nasty consequences
  • Quickly become insulin resistant
  • Don't utilize fat as a fuel source
  • The only thing worse is bed rest
  • One workout a day won't undo these issues


Robb's remedy, punctuated activity. I realize that he did not say, "standing was the solution."  That's not a problem, for me. Standing@Work allows for an increase amount of punctured activity though out the day. The mere fact of being on your feet, ready to go, means that you will "go" more often. You will go to your neighbors desk instead of emailing, walk to the printer, walk to the window and so on. I'm confident when I say there are a lot of issues concerning sitting. So be a little more active. Stand and help yourself get out and about more often.