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Fidget & Focus

(Pure Mental Focus)

Day 10/30

One of the metrics Cubesapien uses is productivity, particularly how the behavior that's being tested effects productivity. We are looking for a positive relationship, meaning the more we do the behavior the more productive we are. So, how has Standing@Work affected productivity?

Well, it's complicated (never good words to hear). Firstly, I've noticed a good deal of fidgeting. This might include shifting weight alot (<30sec), leaning against the back of a chair, or stretching up against office furniture. Other times the fidgets show themselves as a quietly "rocking out" in the cubicle. It defiantly feels that as the body is more fidget-y so is the brain. You just do not want to stay on task or stand still. There could be many causes for this behavior. I suspect it is directly related to how clear the current task priorities are and if a deadline is approaching. After receiving or working on a clearly defined project, the fidgets tend to dampen out and focus remains. In these cubesapien experiments, the time that focus can be maintained is one of the measurable items that productivity can be profiled by.

In the next couple of days we, my faithful reader, will be getting an opportunity to measure that focus first hand. I will be measuring both: how long the fidgets last and the length of my focus period. The nature of the my upcomming project is mainly word processing, formatting, requirement verification, and minor numerical analysis. So buckle in, very exciting stuff around the corner!

Will this be a repeatable experiment? Odds are not very, but it will give a good pass/fail evaluation to the productivity portion of Standing@Work.