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Day 2 Day Realtime

Scatter Brained

Day 30/30

Not the best way to finish of an experiment but today is the LAST day in the Standing@Work saga and today is difficult. Motivation is at a all time low, concentration is ....

Not sure if this is standing related or not. One thing for sure is standing isn't getting me out of the funk. Normally I would use some stimulants in this kind of situation, 5hr energy or tea, to jump start me into productivity. Even in this confuttled state I'm continuing to remember my posture, contracting ribs, activating glutes, externally rotating sholders. One good thing with this frustration is I'm really squeezing the hell out of my abs and glutes. Hoping this mood will lift post lunch and a sit.


A Standing Desk Athlete's Conditioning Tool

Day 29/30

One thing that has become quite apparent, Standing@Work conditioning goes a way fast. I've noticed the first day back after a long weekend drags on and my antsy-ness is pretty freaking bad. If the conditioning goes after a long 3 day weekend, the conditioning is almost completely lost after the Christmas / Winter break with more than 7 days of not Standing@Work.

What is a cubesapien to do? You adapt, use those Darwinian skills and problem solve a way to get back into the swing of things. Enter the prison, the chair. (que the thunder and lightning) As seen in the picture above, there are 2 important take away from a prison chair that will help the Standing@Work cube dweller.

  1. This chair has NO wheels
  2. This chair is faced with the back to the workstation

Like many sports that utilize equipment to augment their athletes, this chair augments the office athlete. By using the back of the chair, not as a seat but as a immovable/movable object to 'lean' against. Please note leaning IS NOT sitting. There is a very fine line here, but with a little self regulation you can avoid crossing it.

Some might say that leaning is cheating that your no longer standing. I would propose to those individuals that leaning doesn't take away from the fundamental activities in standing. Primarily, leaning, still requires a active core, externally rotated shoulders, and requires you flex your glutes consiously using your feet to keep upright.

Coming off these times of long legisure, or just starting out, a strong chair back becomes a conditioning tool for the Standing Desk Athlete. (O a stool would work for this too)


Club Cube


99% Music Mix :: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish by The 99 Percent

Day 28/30 (Embedded Video & Music)

Just because everyone has left for the holidays and no one is in the office isn't any reason not to get stuff done. The whole point of standing while working is being able to move around freely. Keeping in motion is also super healthy. I've mentioned before that while standing completely still can be deteremental to physicality, figeting is a good compromise between doing nothing and constantly running. And what better way is there to fidget than to fidget to music, ie dancing, bust'n a move, getting down, rocking out in the cubicle!

The music above is are some excellent tunes designed to get you moving, focused, and productive on this last day before your holiday of choice. Track titles can be found at


Office Ergonomics -or- You're Doing it Wrong

Day 27/30

I had a recent visit from my office's ergonomics manager (yes we have an ergonomics manager) and she evaluated my workspace. The main points that she was looking for and that you can look for are as follows:

  • Monitor is 1-2" below eye level (no neck craning)
  • Elbows are bent at near ninety degrees 
  • Elbows are relaxed and at your side
  • Standing flat on the ground (no leaning)

It's a pretty short list when you don't have the chair issues to worry about. When I asked her, she elaborated and described that the chair has an additional four degrees of freedom to worry about(feet, hips, back, shoulders). Her major comment to me, was to drop my shelf down a couple more inches so my elbows are at a full 90 degrees not the 120-135 that they currently are.

Today I was able to head over to the ergonomics offices and "shop" around for what kind of support equipment they might be able to furnish my desk with. 

They had some pretty neat/expensive options. The biggest thing was a electricly adjustable desk that could be raised and lowered with the ease of a button push. They also show cased a couple of keyboard tray solutions the one they had was the StandUp (not an endorsement). Finally they also had a number of captain like chairs that could be elevated to an extreme height. The chairs also included a back and arm rests, so pretty much defeating the purpose of a standing desk. 

At this time, I have a StandUp keyboard tray en-route to me through the bureaucracy, which should arrive in 3 weeks to never. We'll see if their solutions can beat out my solutions for Standing@Work.


It's About Comfort


Day 26/30

Did some laundry last night. Didn't dry the laundry last night. I only discovered this 45min before needing to head to work this morning. This means, I was wearing wet pants. Which, I might add, are the worst kind of pants. The entire commute into work was fraught with uncomfortable sitting and sticky, heavy pants. They were confining to say the least.

An unexpected side of Standing@Work is that standing in damp clothes is MUCH more bearable than sitting in them. Standing lets some air get in all the various places to speed the drying process. So if you ever miss, forget, neglect to dry your clothes and still have to get going, worry not. Standing@Work is your solution to an otherwise uncomfortable experience.